Food waste recycling is greatly different from other waste recycling. Food waste contains large proportion of water, the weight make transportation process difficult and inconvenient. If the waste is not treated and stored properly, it will quickly cause odor and hygienic problems. Therefore, there are considerable difficulties in recycling of food waste, not all recycling companies are able to cope with. HKOWRC has a professional and experienced food waste recycling team provides customers with a one-stop recycling service, including: - 24 hours recycling services - Year round Recycling Services(except Day 1 of Lunar New Year) - Onsite recycling of food waste service Our recycling advisors will also provide waste management training for customers and employees to properly handle and classify food waste, thereby increasing the efficiency of the recycling of food waste and to avoid hygienic and technical problems in the recycling process which make the customers inconvenience.

Our professional consultants would calculate the composition of the food waste produced and its amount. Use an internationally recognized approach to calculate the carbon footprint of the food waste and report the data in a report which will be distributed to customers.

Environmental Education and Waste Management Consultancy Services HKOWRC has been committed to promote environmental education. There are education center